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: my second love :



Traveling is something so near and dear to me. Growing up, my mom and I traveled all the time and it has just been something I enjoy so much. Being in the south there are only a few places you can visit around here that are just magical. I would love to experience more of what this beautiful planet has to offer and I'd love to experience it with my amazing clients!  

I have had the pleasure of getting to shoot in some of the most amazing places but I still have so many more I'd like to visit and capture moments in! And of course that doesn't exclude outside of the United States, I am a travel bug so let me adventure with you so some of the most epic places in the world! 

Travel packages available worldwide & discounted depending on location.

2021 Travel Schedule 

May 1-2  |  Dallas, TX

May 21-23  |  Gulf Shores, AL

May 28-31  |  Austin, TX

June 4-6  |  Lafayette / Folsom, LA

June 11-14  |  Albany / New Orleans, LA 

October 1-5  |  San Diego, CA

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