Alishia & Gabe | Flawless Costa Rican Beach Wedding

This was a dream wedding for sure! Not only the traveling to another country part but the wedding itself! Alishia & Gabe are from the North East and they decided in February of 2020 to hold their wedding down in Costa Rica at a luxurious resort! It was truly flawless! NOW. I am not accustomed to weddings at 3pm but for some reason the light was on my side that day! This was my first wedding to second shoot with my bestie Laura Hood as she was their primary photographer but I loved getting to spend 5 days with everyone and capturing these amazing images! Alishia & Gabe not only had an amazing wedding day but they also had a day after session where we tossed them in the water and they killed it! So thankful I got to go on this trip, meet these people and make memories! I am super late in posting these but since summer is coming to an end I feel it's poetic! Congratulations, A&G!

Their Day after session was awesome as well! We had to battle the sun but I'd say it was worth it!

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