The Class of 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind of what's next? For the seniors of the class of 2020 it's been so hard for them as they have had a lot of their right of passages taken from them due to Covid-19. Although they have been through a lot they still know how to slay their senior sessions! I have had a lot of them in the last month and have been so busy trying to get them all out in time for announcements and social media posts. I am so proud of everyone of them and wish them nothing but wonderful futures! They are going to do amazing things just you watch!

Audrey | Parkway Graduate | She's a country girl at heart so we had a blast out at Bodcau getting these amazing photos for her and she was up for even kicking some mud at me! Congrats Audrey!

Tiffany | Woodlawn High | This lovely lady rocked her Downtown session and we even got an awesome hat toss that was just perfect! She is going to do amazing things!

Caleb | This guy wouldn't smile for anything but with the help from dad I got one good smile out of him! He is model material for sure even if he doesn't like pictures! Whatever he chooses to do he will for sure go far!

Samantha | Parkway High | So glad I got to do these for Sam! She has just the warmest smile! She did these the day of her graduation by the way ... lol She is going to ULM and I know her family is so proud of her!

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