Mommy & Me's + Fields of Flowers

I know I am combining a lot of things but I have to because I haven't posted in forever because my internet at home absolutely sucks! But I loved getting to capture all fo these families non the less and they must be shown off! I got to do a few Mom & Me's this year as well as go to Ruston to shoot at the now infamous field of flowers we have out there! All these sessions and families were amazing and I loved getting to see and capture all of these for them! I can't wait til next year! With Covid and everything ya girl is becoming a session photog now more than ever and I'm not too mad at it!

The Craigs | Little man had to bring all his toy story friends along!

The Seaman's | Always down to model for me and I love this family!

The Steelman Ladies | Had such a blast with them and all their smiles! This is the girl gang!

Aguilar Family | Always love seeing them and getting to capture all the sass that you can clearly see from little miss! Loved it!

Lewis Family | So many goofy faces and its just something else working with older kids! The goofiness comes out but so does their inner model!

Allison Family | Little man stole the show but thankfully he's got one pretty momma too!

Walker Family | I love this family and I must say how much this little lady smiled! She did so good!

#2020 #love #mommyme #family

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