#United in Appreciation | The Faces of the Frontlines During COVID-19

Everyone around us is important. Every job is important. These days there are people still working day in and day out to keep our area safe and some of them don't know when they will stop having crazy shifts, when they will get to spend time with family again or even when life will be back to normal. Most people take into account that there are so many working towards healing people, making sure our stores are filled, our kids have their lessons, products get to where they need to be and we get our packages but we don't see their faces. Not all of them. These are just a few from our area. Faces of the front lines making sure that everything is taken care of next to the ones they love. They have families, pets and loved ones are the ones they do this for including us.

I started this project to show some of the faces of the people that are keeping America going so that they could know how much they are appreciated. If you can while you are out or if you know anyone who is of any of these professions give them some extra love. A text, a call or even just a kind word in passing. They all have someone waiting for them at home and to those waiting for them they are waiting on their hero to come home. So many people have been affected by this and it's the faces below that deserves much appreciation and recognition for all they have done. I didn't get to see everyone due to the fact that a few have become ill since saying they would do this project and have been exposed in doing their jobs. I am so sadden for them and their families but I am thankful for all of them and the work they do! Send them love and appreciation but using #unitedinappreciation and tag those you know to show them how much you appreciate them and all they do!

One last thank you to all of the people still working to keep America going! Nurses, doctors, hospital aids, therapists, mental health counselors, truckers, grocery store workers, gas station attendants, fast food workers, restaurant owners and employees, delivery drivers, oil field workers. You all are so appreciated and are all so vital, even before this to keep this country going. #unitedinappreciation

Kenny & Rachel | Bossier City Police Officer & Inpatient Counselor at an addiction facility

Me'gan, Patrick & their boys Grant & Paxton | Critical Care Nurse & Conductor at Union Pacific

The Green Family | Long Term Acute Care Nurse & Fed Ex Driver

The Beach Family | Teacher at 123 Headstart (we had a few takes, the boys were so smiley!)

Gabbi & Sarah | Medical Social Worker for Pediatric ICU @ Ochsner/LSU

The Collier-Custis' | ICU RN

Aleathia & her loving family | Dialysis Tech @ WKB & her grandmother is a retired nurse but does PRN rehab work

Hanoon | Mammography Tech

The Eubanks | Ceritified Pharmacy Tech & Merchandiser for Coke (helping stock grocery stores!)

B Mac & Rogue | Shreveport Police Officer

The Staff at Halcyon Vet Hospital | Keeping all our pets healthy for us!

I also had other front line people who asked to participate but couldn't after this past week due to possible exposure and I just want to thank them for still wanting to do this project! Thank you all for everything you do!

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