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The world is a crazy place right now. So much negativity is flowing through the airwaves everyday due to this pandemic and it has broken the spirits of some many of us. So one day last week I was doing my son's math lesson with him and he said to me, "Mom, I miss school and my teachers." He still loves doing his work with me but it's not the same. It's not the same for a lot of kids all across the US right now. One thing I think we can all learn from this is how much our teachers are so under appreciated. Which also got me thinking about how much the teachers must miss their students as well. One of my best friends is a teacher at my Alma Mater high school and is always so helpful to me when I want to do a project. I contacted her and asked her if she could reach out to some of the teachers at Parkway to see if they would want to get a note out to their student who they may not get to finish the year out with and especially their seniors who are having to go through the end of their year missing out on everything that makes their senior year the year they remember. Happily a good bit of the teachers were thrilled to get to write notes of encouragement out to their students!

I spent my Saturday going out to see each one of them to capture them in all their Parkway Pride with their notes for their students. Just words of kindness and support to the students they have taught all year and for years. I know what it means to the teachers to get to send these words of encouragement to all of their students and I am thrilled I got to do this project. I can't imagine what it is to have this happen to all of these kids who are quarantined at home and specially seniors themselves. I started this project just to spread some kindness and to do something positive around my area as we are one of the most effected by this virus and it is probably one of my favorite projects I have ever done. If any other district in my area of teacher would like to send a note to their students please feel free to let me know. Please help me in sharing this. There is positive all around us, we just have to see it.

Mrs. Hoechten

Ms. Jones, Spanish

Mrs. Freeland, In School Suspension

Mrs. Phillips & Ms. Edwards, Tech Theatre & KPAW

Mrs. Hopkins, AP Biology & Biology I

Mrs. Finley

Mrs. Johnson, Biology & Forensics

Mrs. Beville, Spanish

Mrs. Hadwin, Biology

Mrs. Harper, Senior Counselor

Mrs. Shavers, AP Chemistry & Chemistry

Thank all of you so much for participating in this! Please share to spread the love to all your students!

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