Stacey & Betsy | I Love You... I Know | Star Wars Robinson Film Center Wedding

A full on Star Wars wedding... YES PLEASE!! I absolutely loved getting to capture Stacey & Betsy's awesome wedding back in November! They got married at the Robinson Film Center in downtown Shreveport which was new for me since I've never shot there before. Their details were spot on! Stacey's dress floored me when I saw it and Betsy in her full on kilt and family crest was just the best! They not only had some of the best centerpieces and decor ever but they also had lightsabers with paper made flowers of scenes from the movies! It was awesome! And their cakes - were two of the best cakes I've ever seen! If you can't tell I'm a full on nerd! But I loved their wedding! Not only did they have it done so well but they had some of the funniest entertainment around! A full on storytelling for their reception! Just one of the funnest weddings ever! Congratulations, Stacey & Betsy!