Alexis & Conner | Lovely Taylortown Wedding

This wedding was close to my heart a good bit because I know this family and have known them for years and years. Although this was my first time working with Alexis and Conner their wedding was beautifully done! Held at the Talyortown store these two exchanged vows in front of their nearest and dearest. Their wedding was back in October and it was beautifully done! Alexis looked beautiful in her dress and her bridals were some of my favorites from last year. Conner was dapper with all of his guys as well. This day went through a lot... first off the weather went from sunny and warm to all out raining and cold. And we had a whole handful of first looks that were ranged from funny to just tearjerkers. Alexis had a beautiful moment with her son Easton when he came out to see her and brought her a flower. Their reception was also a blast from beginning to end! Loved getting to capture their big day! Congratulations, Alexis, Conner & Easton!