Nolan | Parkway High Senior

Oh my... I don't know how to write this. So I've known this guy since he was shorter than me and I can't believe he's graduating this year! Nolan is one of my best friends in the whole world's little brother and I know if she can't believe he's graduating then I can't either. I had a blast with him taking these all over downtown and at the Parkway stadium! His smile just lights up each image but he's got that model like attitude for sure! It blows my mind how he will be in college soon! He is going to LSU in the fall I believe and I am so proud of him! Congrats, Nolan! and a big thank you to him & his fam for being patient with me and the crazy holiday session to wait a good minute for these! You guys are the real MVP's!

#2019 #senior #grad

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