Cooper Bennett | His Real Life Newborns

This family is so dear to me. Every single member of it. I have had the pleasure of being there to capture so many amazing parts of this family's life and I couldn't be more grateful for them. Emily, Matt, Cora Blake and now baby Cooper are truly a one of a kind, sweet and caring family that I am proud to know. This session shows the real life that every family goes through when its family photo time for sure! What can I say we always get the best ones when if feels the craziest. Cora is such a sweet sister to Cooper. That is her baby Cooper. I have recently taken it upon myself when I take photos of this family to just capture the realness of life for them. Believe it or not the most imperfect photos are the ones that they cherish the most when they receive them. So this is not only just a remembrance of when Cooper was born but as this family as a whole and this part of real life. Emily, Matt, CB & Cooper, I love y'all so much as clients and friends and I hope to always be able to capture all of you guys' memories!

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