Laura | Vulnerable

We all have moments of vulnerability. We all have moments of weakness, fear and regret. Last year I asked one of my best friends Laura if she would allow me to capture raw emotion from her. Now this was at first just a fun shoot of her in her home and us just hanging out listening to music and as the music played and changed the tone I asked her to let the music change her mood if she could and would allow it to. She did. RAW emotion. RAW feelings. Stripped down under neath all of the feelings we fake for everyone to their face underneath there is how people are truly feeling and we don't even see it. We are so keen on thinking everyone is okay that when they aren't we miss it. We miss it everyday. We all feel this way. It may not be everyday but it is sometimes and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way. These photos are some of my favorites from last year and I have held them to myself but I think now is the time to let them be shown. Thank you Laura for allowing me to capture you this way, you are beautiful and strong.

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