Christmas Mini's 2017

Another successful Christmas season of mini's is on the books! I am thrilled I get to meet so many amazing families and even spend time with ones I've known for years! Getting to meet new people each year is a major highlight for sure! I loved capturing these images over the past two weekends and I can't wait for next year :)

Huge Thanks to Stephanie Citty Bass & her parents for letting me use their land and old truck for these and to Laura for being my amazing assistant for my first weekend of these!

Atkins Family - Thank you so much for being models for me!

Brianna, Will & Oliver Rose

Crews | Gilliam Family

Crow Family

Emily, Cora & Matt Bennett

Gretchen, Allie & Jon Phillips - Love y'all so much!

Heather & Hadley - Thank you so much for modeling for me! Love y'all!

Holsted Family

Lauren & Carson - Thank you always being so fun!

Me'gan, Pax & Patrick Frazier

Miller Family

Norris Family

Permenter Family - :)

SJ Smith - :)

Sanford Family

Stroud Kids - Skylar & Wylan :)

Rushing-Miller boys :)