Walker Steen Fredieu | Birth Story

Walker Steen has made his way into the world and his birthing story I must say was quite a fast one! Noah called me on the 25th of October and stated she thought she was in labor. Almost sure she was in labor. I told her once she got to the hospital to let me know once she had gotten checked in, placed in her room & was at least 7cm dilated and I would head up there :) Well.... about 30 min later her husband called me to let me know that not only was she setup at the hospital but she was 9cm and about to start pushing! I ran out of my house, jumped into my car and sped to the Highland Birth Place and walked in as soon as she was getting into position to push. With 3 good pushes Walker made his appearance and Noah & Jacob just relished in the moment of their new baby boy finally being in their arms! Noah gave birth with no epidural and in less than an hour of getting to the hospital. Just simply amazing. I came back the next day after giving them time to rest and spent time with them again seeing them love all over him. Walker is absolutely perfect in every way. Coming in at 6 lbs. 4 oz at 10:16 am on October 25th, 2017. Noah and Jacob are going to be amazing parents to this little guy & I can't wait to watch him grow! Welcome to the world Walker Steen!

Door Wreath by Vicky Maclsaac Stewart

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