My Little is getting Married!

Let me grab a box of tissues before I start this. . . Okay here we go! My little sister means so much to me and I don't know what I would do without her. No we are not blood related but we might as well be. She came into my life almost 6 years ago when we both worked at Red Lobster and we have be attached every since. She brings so much laughter and light into so many peoples lives and she deserves nothing less than the same in return from her partner for life. Travis is that person. He is amazing to her and he treats her the way you see it in all of the movies and I couldn't see her with anyone else. They are the other halves of each other to the fullest and have this corky and fun connection that you can just see when they are together. Martina & Travis are perfect and I can't wait to watch them tie the knot in May next year! I can't think of a better birthday present! And I didn't stutter when I said watch as instead of me taking my role as the photographer I get to stand beside her and watch her marry her man! Their session was full of them just being them and they are perfect! I can't wait and I am so excited for them! Love you Tini! & you too Trav! :)

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