Sunflower Sessions 2017

This year I was not planning on doing sunflower sessions this season because I have been playing catch up with my weddings from May but when a few of my clients asked if they could please do them out at the maze I completely agreed and I am glad I did! I will for sure do them next year! I love every single one of these families and their images turned out amazing!

Ashley & Ky

This mother and daughter are two of my favorites! I love when I get to capture them because they are so good at being fun and we always spend the session laughing!

Carla, Winnie & Jonathan Downs

I love this family! Carla & I have been friends for almost 8 years now and we have both gotten to watch our lives transform into what they are today and she is a dear friend! Love this trio!

Amanda, Lantz, Allison & Katelyn

What can't I say about this family! They are amazing! Amanda and I have been friends since birth pretty much and getting to go through life with a friend that long is truly something. I've gotten to watch Allison grow up and now I have gotten to see Katelyn come into the world. Such a blessed family!

The Tyson Family

This was my first time working with this wonderful family and I hope I get to again in the future! Their smiles are contagious and they just emit love!

Gretchen & Jon

My favorite model couple/couple ever! I brought them out to model for some mentors and they of course killed it as always! Only thing we were missing was Allie :) I love these two and they are such amazing people and friends! They are the true meaning of #couplegoals!

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