Keep Calm & Join the Villains

I put on my first workshop last month and along with my amazing friends and family helping me we pulled it off :) This I must say this was my first and my last workshop I will do. It was a very long and draining process but in the end it was fun! All of our models were amazing to spend all day with us to put this on - and I can't thank them enough! They fully embodied the characters and really made the shoot a success! Crystal did amazing on everyone's makeup as well! She is a rockstar! I hope everyone takes a liking to these! Now, Keep Calm & Join the Villains!

MUAH : Crystal Pierce

Team : Samantha Quick

Models :

Red Queen - Megan Southern

Maleficent - Amanda Hill

Gaston - Trevor Koertge

Captain Hook - Clayton Sawyer

Ravena - Martina VanBerkom

Yzma - Brittani LeBlanc

Ursula - Krystin Michelle-DeMoss Naron

Cruella Deville - Kat Hale Meza

#2016 #themed #styled #fun #disney

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