June | July Favorites + Three Nails Workshop

These last two months have just flown by & have been so full of exciting things!

I haven't purchased any new equipment in the last two months but I did purchase a new camera bag! I got it from the same place I buy all my camera bags - Jo Totes! I would love to post an images of it but alas as any good photographer does with a new bag... It is in use .... of course!

I have also taken up a new hobby ---> calligraphy!! I received my starter kit & other fun items as well! I am a lover of the color rose gold so I also purchased a kit to make my own!! I can't wait to start practicing!

So the last two months I have had a lot going on with work but I did have some time to go on an amazing vacation to Los Angeles!! Never been to the west coast, well I have been past it to Hawaii but never set foot on the west coast! It was an amazing trip!

The Legend <3!!! ---> fun fact : The stars on the Walk of Fame are not so easy to get. In order to get a star you must be nominated by your peers in the industry and the pay $25,000 for your star. George Clooney has been nominated for one but he does not have a star. Mickey Mouse & Shrek also have stars :)

Any true Pretty Woman fan would know that this is the "motel" that Julia Roberts character, Vivian shared with Kit in the movie.

Beyonce & Jay Z's home in Beverly Hills!!

Drew Barrymore's home in Beverly Hills :)

We did get a chance to go to San Diego as well so we decided whilst going back to the hotel we should drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and see all the awesome beach towns along the way. From Laguna Beach all the way to Malibu and it was truly beautiful!

Any true Fast & Furious fan would stop by this awesome place and grab some shrimp . . so we did!

Taking a helicopter tour was the best way to see all of LA in a short period of time.

The 405 @ rush hour

Santa Monica Pier

Hiking to see the Griffith Observatory at dusk was amazing and there were huge amounts of people all waiting in line to see the beautiful lights of LA and the stars in the night sky.

Possibly my favorite part of our trip ---> Our night tour of Paramount Pictures!!! Getting to see all of the history of movies and television was absolutely thrilling! Walking where some of my favorite actors have walked and see where they have worked was so awesome!

Star Trek 2009 & 2013 props from the movies!!!

We did go on a few of the sets on this list but alas we weren't allowed to take photos inside the sets but it was awesome to see how some of these shows were filmed and the setup in real life.

Part of the cube from Transformers. ---> We got to visit their prop house which houses all of their props in use and retired. So awesome to see it all in real life and learn what everything was used for!


The transporter form Star Trek.

Grease Lighting from Grease LIVE!

Optimus Prime!

Fire dummy from G.I Joe : Retaliation

Air lock door from Interstellar.

The Matrix of Leadership from Transformers.

Seeing the Hollywood Sign from the Lot was super serial and must have been for each actor who had ever seen it from there.

The Lot has it's own theatre for screenings outfitted in it's original state with its original projectors.

Part of the set of Cheers and parts of episodes of The Brandy Bunch were filmed here too. Lucille Ball's office was across the Lot from here and she played with her son in this grassy area in between filming.

The studio also has it's own "New York" set on the lot which was awesome to get to see!

And yes.... I got to go sit on the set of Dr. Phil :)

We also got to see inside their costume storage and see all these amazing works of clothing was mind blowing!!

Above : Helena Bonham Carter's costume from Sweeney Todd

The Adam's Family costumes.

Tom Hank's shoes from Forrest Gump.

Robin Wright's "Jenny" costume from Forrest Gump.

Forrest's Bubba Gump Hat.

Jeremy Renner's "Hansel" costume from "Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters"

Christopher Walken's "Headless Horseman" costume from "Sleepy Hollow"

The Iconic Gates.

Thus ended our trip to LA! We saved this tour for our last night and I must say it was my favorite part of this trip and I am so glad we went!

& Now on to my Three Nails Photography workshop!

Getting to meet Hunter was such an honor and getting to see how he creates the magic that he does was such a great learning experience for me.

The theme of the shoot was Alice in Wonderland & he created 4 different sets for us to shoot at here in Shreveport. He created for us the rabbit hole, the caterpillar mushrooms, and then added a twist on the tea party with Alice and the Mad Hatter getting married & last but not least built a tank room from the beginning of the movie where it fills with water to get her through the door. I just loved it and the people I met were just as amazing as well. Getting to learn from the person you look up on a personal level was truly amazing.

Here are some of my images from the workshop:

Styled by : Hunter Leone

Construction : Austin Andre

Assistant: Abbie Cowley

Models: Chloe Greene - Alice, Colton Cowley - Mad Hatter, Walker Lee & Anna Kate Leone - the Tweedles

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